People with disabilities have a hard time finding activities, events and outings that are inclusive and designed keeping them in mind. They often struggle with feelings of isolation, being a burden on friends and family, being treated poorly because of their disability and a limited ability to navigate their physical environment


Apollo is a digital marketplace that connects people with disabilities to a curated collection of accessible experiences. Apollo delivers a range of unique activities designed to cater to the specific needs of the disabled person, including accessible venues and trained service providers. This platform brings together a variety of high quality events such as walking tours, cooking classes, wine tasting and much more. Apollo simultaneously provides a sense of freedom and security for customers through the careful selection of offerings and the adaptation of experiences to be inclusive through collaboration with our partners.  


Customer discovery and development: The process began with framing our challenge statement effectively, and understanding the needs, aspirations and pain points of our target market. Our team conducted both qualitative and quantitate research investigations, including primary user interviews, surveys, observational and social desk research, and translated key findings to insight-opportunity frameworks. 

Market segmentation and analysis: Conducted deep trend analysis and competitor research to uncover market opportunity and draw insights from the competitive landscape to define competitive advantage and differentiation. 

Concept development and testing: The venture was designed and developed using tools such as the design criteria canvas, journey map, storyboards and business model canvas. The value proposition was tested through engaging users with multiple prototypes including mock interfaces and adcepts.

Business strategy: A combination of strategy frameworks were used to converge ideas and develop a business model that could lie at the intersection of viability, feasibility and desirability. Special attention was paid to scaling and strategic foresight for the venture. 


Venture Design

Innovation Strategy


In collaboration with Samuel Irons and Rachel Kroft.