Build a sustainable, scalable social enterprise that restores the rights and dignity of refugees. 


Blend is a social enterprise run and managed entirely by refugees. The product is a line of premium ethnic condiments, produced by resettled refugees in the United States. Ethnic condiments are a $5 billion dollar market in the US, and is growing at 8% a year. The market is representative of millennials growing up in a globalized world, hungry to discover new cuisines.

Blend products are a connection between employees’ heritage and their new American community, and allows them to make an impact back at home. The profit from sales go towards the development of an educational platform, directed towards keeping refugee children in school upon migration to a new country. Research reveals that 50% of refugee children are not enrolled in primary school, and in comparison to the global average, are 5 times more likely to drop out of school. Blend’s education platform synthesizes resources of partner organizations, focusing on 3 key components- trauma counseling, language barriers and access to resources, in order to ensure continued education for the child.

This project was selected to participate in the HULT Prize Regional Final from a pool of over 50,000 applications.  


Business Design

Systems Thinking


In collaboration with Rachel Wold and Elizabeth Madsen.