The project brief was to revive an obsolete brand, and make it relevant to customers again. Our team chose Chiclets, the once famous chewing gum brand, and was tasked to uncover and translate its original brand equities to a new product concept that would engage buyers.


Whimsical, delightful, sharing and connection to childhood were key attributes of the original brand that we aimed to retain and applied as guiding principles in developing the new product ecosystem. Our product, Chiclet is a simple and whimsical digital communication device that helps grandparents speak directly with their grandchildren, so they can be a part of each other’s daily lives and build a lifelong bond no matter how far apart they live. 


Discovery: This phase included uncovering brand equities of the original Chiclets brand through a exhaustive brand audit using frameworks such as the brand pyramid and positioning statement. The insights uncovered from this phase were summarized as a hypothesis of the key brand attributes that could be revived and effectively harnessed in the creation of a new product or service. Personas were developed to understand the nuances of customer decision drivers. 

Development: The development phase included multiple cycles of iteration, testing and refining our product concept. Storyboarding, system mapping, physical and digital prototyping were tools employed in designing the product ecosystem. A deep understanding of industry trends and the competitive landscape was acquired through secondary research.  

Delivery:  The focus of this phase was on brand expression including messaging, touchpoints and the brand story. Touchpoints were designed through the entire product lifecycle including brand discovery, product acquisition, product use and brand promotion.


Brand Strategy

Product Innovation


In collaboration with Casey Flaherty, Cylia Wang and Priyanka Rao.